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Our quizzes offer a unique quiz night for your pub.

The best way to experience both our trivia questions and picture round is to download a full free version. No catches; it is genuinely 100% free. You may use it as you wish but please do not reproduce or distribute it on the Internet or any other medium, otherwise enjoy!

Our quizzes include both the expected and unexpected with topics varying from week to week. And unique to Pure Quiz is the easy or difficult options to many questions. What is this? Basically in each set of five questions there is one question (or a total of sixteen per quiz) with an easy or difficult option. The quizmaster may choose which of these questions to use allowing some control over the difficulty of the quiz.

The format? The quiz is ten rounds long:

  • Eight rounds of ten questions (each round is split into two categories).
  • The Pure Quiz Challenge Round (round 9).
  • A twenty question Picture Round (round 10).

In our experience we would suggest you start with the first four rounds, hand out the Picture Round during a well deserved interval, then continue with another four rounds before culminating with the Challenge Round. Often the Picture Round is marked at the end of the quiz or before the Challenge Round; usually each round is marked by opposing teams changing papers or an energetic quizmaster does the marking him/herself. The quiz is designed to last about 90 minutes but it's easy to further customize our quiz, for example, by adding a 'local topic' round or dropping a round, etc. Our format is tried and tested. We know it is easy to deliver and that your customers will enjoy taking part.

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We like to entertain by using our imagination and each quiz takes several hours of research. General knowledge, music, sport, history, science and geography will regularly feature but with more than eighteen categories per Pure Quiz these can be supplemented with a range of diverse topics.

The penultimate round of every Pure Quiz is our (in)famous Challenge Round where past tasks have included listing the ten most populated countries in the world to recalling the nine activities traditionally forbidden in public swimming pools. We try to be imaginative with our picture quizzes too, so it's just not the usual celebs and sport stars but a range of images including flags, famous buildings, statues and football badges. All our quizzes include atleast two tie-breaker questions.

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Questions from our recent quizzes include...
Is the Isle of Man closer to Northern Ireland, Wales, Scotland or England?
Which northern English city does Kerry Katona call home?
What was the name of Captain Mainwaring's wife in Dad's Army?
What colour are all the phone and letter boxes in Guernsey?
Which 1974 film starred Jack Nicholson, Faye Dunaway and Roman Polanski?
Which American company first produced the games of Monopoly, Risk, Cluedo and Trivial Pursuit?

(Above Answers: Scotland, Warrington, Elizabeth, Blue, Chinatown, Parker Brothers)

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