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Quiz question security is important to us.

With a Pure Quiz Membership you not only get the best pub quiz in the UK but also one that cares about security. With many quizzes offering prizes we understand the importance of our questions not getting into your customers' hands.

Our service is strictly only available by subscription to the pub or club trade and their representatives. A representative may be a quizmaster who runs a pub quiz on behalf of the landlord/landlady/manager.

We endeavour to keep our quiz as honest as possible and prevent potential problems from occurring with a few simple measures:

  • After payment all members have to register using their pub or club name, contact details and information about their quiz.
  • We may contact members at anytime for verification that their quiz is genuine and this is accepted in the 'terms and conditions' of membership.
  • We keep our name and web address off all question and answer sheets.
  • Pure Quiz is only available in a long term subscription.
  • We reserve the right to end a membership early for any member found not to be an organiser of a bona fide quiz. This is accepted by all members in their 'terms and conditions' when purchasing a membership.
  • We have a small membership. However, if this increases we will limit membership numbers to a particular set of questions.

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